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WikiMatrix en Some would suggest that she was a modern-day prophet exercising the power of God. 2019. 9. 22. · (ambiguous) to offer a person the alternative of or..: optionem alicui dare, utruman (ambiguous) it is a debated point whether or..: in contentione ponitur, utruman Swedish [ edit ] utrum an something very small shipborne radar milling wheel Thermocouple aukoa, aueta, aukaista, avautua, hajottaa, kehittyä casting conductor Instrument panel cheese puff pastry Ottov motor nuclear … 2021.

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source. Complain. 1 déc. 2014 Utrum… an. Est-ce que… ou bien.

utrum…an = whether …or utrum …necne = whether or not. More interrogatives ecquis, ecquid = is uter, utra, utrum = which of the two? Different ways to say.

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Utrum an

1 Jan 2016 Utrum in alteratione pars qualitatis quae prius acquiritur maneat cum parte quae posterius acquiritur. In: John Buridan, Quaestiones super octo 

utros. utrum an if, whether. utrumque. 2021.

Utrum an

Utrum’s official Twitter account is @utrumdotio and its Facebook page is accessible here. The official website for Utrum is utrum.io. T.: utrum igitur tandem perspicuisne dubia aperiuntur an dubiis perspicua tolluntur?: Utrumne iussi persequemur otium. . .

Utrum an

Assize of utrum is an action by a parson to recover lands which his predecessor had allowed the church to be deprived of improperly. It is a preliminary  I . uter2, utra, utrum adj. u. subst.

1 siècle avant J.C. CICERO (Cicéron) l'un ou l'autre (de deux) voir: un, e. DISPUTO, AS, ARE, AVI, ATUM, intr DE ALIQUA RE IN UTRAM PARTEM. 1 siècle avant J.C. CICERO (Cicéron) soutenir le pour et le contre sur une question voir: contre voir aussi: pour. Utrum is an Independent Blockchain built on Komodo Platform and secured by Bitcoin's hashrate to resist 51% attacks. Utrum is a registered foundation of Cayman Islands and backed by SuperNet VC Fund. Visit https://utrum.io to learn more.

Utrum an

Used with an ‎ ("or") in the construction utruman ("whether or "): Nescio quid intersit, utrum nunc veniam, an ad decem annos.� I know not what matter it is, whether I come now or after ten years.� Used with necne ‎ in the construction utrumnecne ("whether or not '"). Nouns have one of two grammatical genders: common (utrum) and neuter (neutrum), which determine their definite forms as well as the form of any adjectives and articles used to describe them. Noun gender is largely arbitrary and must be memorized; however, around three quarters of all Swedish nouns are common gender. An indirect question gives the substance of the question, adapted to the form of the sentence in which it is quoted. It depends on a verb or other expression of asking, doubting, knowing, or the like. Cases became so complicated that a special assize, the Assize of Utrum, was established in the middle of the 12th century. Jurisdiction would normally lie with the ecclesiastical courts; but the Assize of Utrum, especially as defined in the Constitutions of Clarendon in 1164, gave the Crown a chance to clarify difficult questions of ownership utrum.

-ne … an [o. -ne … -ne] = utrum … an erstes Glied unübersetzt, zweites u. evtl. folgende Glieder. oder. indir.

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May 30, 2018 · In a phrase, Utrum is a decentralized platform which provides a network of content, feedback, metrics, analyses, and community between members. The decentralized platform has five primary

Primary Sequence. Main clause in indicative:   30 Jul 2018 Utrum is a decentralized platform that delivers curated, reputation-based reviews of cryptocurrency, analyses, and market predictions. utrum an, whether or. *, ancilla, ancillae, f.